Durable and reliable cross-border transportation

Apollo Logistics delivers the most secure, efficient and cost-effective cross-border trucking service between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Our logistics team helps you coordinate the necessary cargo loading/unloading service, customs clearances for both Singapore and Malaysia checkpoints as well as cross-border warehousing. Our fleet of 20ft and 40ft trucks can handle different cargo needs, including fragile, temperature-sensitive or supersized items. Using low-loader trucks and heavy equipment lifting cranes, we can handle special cargo loads, ensuring efficient and secure dispatch.

Cross-border movement made plain simple

Easily transport shipments or cargo loads across the Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand border with our customised cross-border trucking service. Our cross-border trucking services are more economical than air or sea freight options. With our wide network of trucking partners, we can arrange for the most efficient and cost-effective logistics solution. Moving cargo between Singapore, Malaysia and even Thailand does not need to be expensive. Apollo Logistics can seamlessly coordinate a trucking schedule that enables your shipments to arrive on time, on budget and securely.

Apollo Logistics delivers on true door-to-door, end-to-end cross-border trucking services, across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Combining the strengths of transportation planners and trucking managers, we endeavour to meet every enterprise’s cross-border shipping requirements.

  • Competitive end-to-end solution, including cross-border trucking, warehousing and customs clearances.
  • Experienced customs clearance agent with niche understanding of different industry regulation and import-export permits
  • Comprehensive road network coverage across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand; delivering on a true door-to-door or door-to-store logistics solution.

Apollo Logistics makes it exceptionally easy to arrange for cross-border trucking services, even on urgent notice. We are delighted to partner with your business and coordinate your cross-border trucking requirements. Contact us today for more information about our cross-border trucking services!

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