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Cross trading (also known as third party shipments) allows you to move cargo between an origin and destination, without entering the country where the shipper is registered. The convenience of cross trading is made possible by our extensive network of trusted shipping agents and global partners in key transportation hubs. Our first-rate cross trade logistics services are managed by a team of specialists who possess in-depth local knowledge and international expertise.

We coordinate international logistics seamlessly

As your sole point of contact, you can trust Apollo Logistics to negotiate the most competitive rates with local agents, manage air or sea freight shipments from a central base, and provide timely updates on your shipments’ journey. Our dedicated team is knowledgeable on customs legislation and local freight forwarding systems of various countries. Our comprehensive service manages all backend administrative processes including documentation handling and securing bookings, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to your business.

We achieve cost-efficient logistics solutions

Cross trading allows businesses to reduce logistics costs because you get to avoid storage and customs costs in Singapore. This triangular coordination also enables quicker shipping time, giving you a competitive edge over other businesses. Our cross trade solutions are available in any preferred mode – air, sea or road freight.

Our dedicated team has experience securing vast volumes of shipments internationally. Leveraging our expertise in logistics management, we plan our routes with precision to save transportation costs. Having built trust-based relationships with local vendors, we are able to negotiate for preferential rates.

Cross-trade services are the go-to logistics solution for many businesses. Contact us to find out how we can facilitate your cross-trade business today!

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